Site visit: Afghanistan Independent Bars Association

Site visit: Afghanistan Independent Bars Association

Visit date: 12/10/2019

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan Independent Bars Association

Participants: 1 professor, 2 lawyers, 20 students including 12 male and 8 female students.

Purpose: The purpose of this visit was to acquaint students with the structure, organization, operation and activities of Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA).

Kateb University law clinic students visited the AIBA on 12 October 2019. Ms. Najla Rahel, Deputy President of the Women’s Committee of AIBA, welcomed the team and provided detailed explanations about history, structure, members, and activities of the AIBA. She went further on the importance of advocacy in the community and judicial institutions, as well as in creating foundations for a society based on the rule of law.

Mr. Moheb Rahmani, a member of the Association’s Leadership Council, gave a detailed account of the association’s activities and encouraged the students to obtain lawyer licenses. According to him, unfortunately, Afghanistan lacks global standards in advocacy due to economic shortages. At the meantime, one of the students asked him questions about the number of defense lawyers in Afghanistan. Mr. Rahmani responded that developed countries have one legal advocate per family, administration, trade, etc., while in Afghanistan, only every 100 individuals have one advocate and there are 2,500 active lawyers all over the country, which is quite lesser than the global stats.

He also continued to point out the situation of female advocates facing social problems due to the lack of security in confidential cases such as rape, forced marriage, run away from home, etc. These challenges are clearly observed at the provincial level.

He added that the central office of the Association is currently located in Kabul and it has also local offices in the following provinces: Balkh, Herat, Kunduz, Nangarhar and Kandahar.

Mr. Rahmani clarified that the Association structure consists of the General Assembly, the Leadership Council, and the President. The Leadership Council, consists of deputies, executive, and supervisory boards.

At the end of the meeting, students visited each of the administrative departments of the institution.

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