Workshop: The Role of Legal Clinic in Facilitating Family Case Proceedings

Workshop: The Role of Legal Clinic in Facilitating Family Case Proceedings

Organizer: Legal Clinic (Kateb University)

Venue: Conference Hall, University of Kateb (Barchi Branch)

Date: 30/11/2019



Kateb University Law Clinic conducted a seminar entitled “The Role of Legal Clinic in Facilitating Family Case Proceedings.” The program started with the recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran by Mr. Mahram Gowhari, one of legal clinic students.

Professor Amin Mohseni, law clinic director opened the workshop with his remarks on the role of the legal clinic in justice promotion and facilitating legal services in society. He presented an overview of the law clinic perspective and a detailed information on the legal services already provided by the clinic to indigent clients and visitors.

In the next section of the program, Dr. Zamin Ali Habibi, professor at Kateb University, presented an overview of civil and criminal procedure of domestic cases and talked about the principles of civil and criminal procedure, the procedural and substantive law, the differences between them and on how they are implemented in both civil and criminal courts.

Following a tea break, Ms. Shafiqeh Separ, Promotion and Protection of Women Rights Officer at the Independent Human Rights Commission, described the protective role of AIHRC in the family cases and provided detailed information on the Commission’s activities in the area of legal aid and on how to cooperate with Kateb Law Clinic.

The next speaker, Mr. Allamazadeh, one of the legal clinic instructors, answered the question on how legal clinics can assist indigent clients in civil cases, emphasizing the importance of the legal clinic in the progress and effectiveness of legal knowledge. Mr. Nawrooz Ali Zahedi, a law clinic lawyer gave details on legal aspects and effects of defense advocacy in family issues and briefed on the general principles of legal aid and domestic violence.

Zohrah Ahmadi, a law clinic student, shared her training experiences and achievements in clinical legal education program with the audiences as well.

The program was followed by a lunch break interval for an hour. After the lunch, afternoon session was started on 01:00 p.m. and the guest speakers were invited to the stage for distribution of letters of appreciation by the legal clinic director.


Mr. Yahya Mohammadi, was another law clinic student who shared his experiences of training at Kateb legal clinic.

The next part of the program was a panel discussion with participation of Mr. Allamazadeh, Ms. Arefi, Ms. Azar Mehr, and Mr. Zahedi, instructors and lawyers at law clinic, focusing on the role of judicial practice and legal remedies in family cases.

As last part of the program, the students were divided into four working groups and conferred altogether over the two questions: how legal clinics can play a better role in providing legal aids? , and how legal clinic can facilitates family case proceedings? , concluding the workshop agenda including speeches and discussion forum.

Finally, each team representative summed up their preferences and shared their suggestions with the audience. The program ended with closing remarks by professor Mohseni, the legal clinic director.

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