Site Visit: Kabul Provincial Department of Law

Site Visit: Kabul Provincial Department of Law

Date: 18/12/2019

Location: Kabul Provincial Department of Law

Participants: 2 professors, 2 lawyers, 20 students including 12 male and 8 female students.

Purpose: This study tour was aimed at familiarizing students with the structure, organization, objectives, missions and competence of the Kabul Department of Law.

The Kabul Provincial Department of Law is one of the professional departments of the Ministry of Justice that works to handle complaints and review legal cases.

The department has currently two main sections. Board of Experts on Civil and Commercial Law has six professional members from three committees, including:

  1. Member of the Trade Committee
  2. Member of family committee
  3. Member of the Real Estate Committee

Acquisition of the rights of real and legal persons and taking into account the proof of the acquisition of rights, is one of the central duties of the Department of Law. The duties and responsibilities of the department offices are regulated by the Law of Aquisition of Rights, and whereby appropriate, other applicable laws also apply. Lawsuits submitted to different department agencies are about property, family, debt and business and are handled by professional members of the various sections of the department.

Major duties and responsibilities of the law department are as follows:

1- Registering the petitions in the related book and giving receipts to the petitioner

2- Summoning the defendant through police in case the defendant is a civil servant or a military member of the government.

3- Obtaining a warrant from the defendant.

  1. Transfer the claims of claimant to the defendant.

4- Submitting the case to the competent court if the parties are not satisfied.

  1. Implementation of the final decisions of the courts.
  2. Undertaking the rights of the debtor.
  3. Introducing the disobedient debtor to the attorney.
  4. And some other relevant duties according to the governing laws and regulations.

In this tour, the students were divided into different groups and visited each of sections of the Kabul Law Department such as: Management of Districts, Management of Areas, etc. Students asked department members some questions regarding the structure, objectives, missions and visions of the institution and received their appropriate answers.

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