Kateb University Law Clinic was founded in 2017 with the aim of providing legal services to the indigent people, particularly the needy families, women and children. Since the establishment of the legal clinic, many people have visited the clinic for receiving various legal services, including in criminal, civil and family law cases.

The main activities of the clinic are categorized into three areas of theoretical education, practical training and legal services, all of which focus on legal and judicial activities. In the legal service sector, the legal clinic is operating to provide free legal advice and legal aid services to the indigent clients, especially women and children.

The clinic offers free legal services to clients and visitors under the supervision of a number of licensed and experienced female and male lawyers. And in the theoretical and applied education section, the clinic programs focus on teaching Kateb University law students in both theoretical and practical sectors of law and defense advocacy through a unique process of admission.

Legal Clinic Profile

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